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”Art is true expression of self-interpretation“   -m.L. Green 

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Maddhouse Audio and Visuals L.L.C.“a mult-media Marketing platform“,  specializes in performance and artistic rights, in respect to the creative business Model ... the Artist. 


“a Legacy is my Destiny“

-m.L. Green 

Developement of art

Performing Artist Slimm Pusha of Mississippi posing for a still at MADDHOUSE AUDIO AND VISUALS.

The ultimate strategy of development ,coupled with the simplicity  of enjoyment to entertain  audiences, is necessary to get today’s consumers to connect with the Artists through performance. Being in touch with and knowing your consumer demographics, is imperative.



The Maddhouse Brand®️ of forward-thinking  marketing consultancy, and its vast resources, will employ the campaign efforts and do the absolute most to promote the success of our client portfolios. 

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“Art is of the utmost essence“  - through the eyes of the Artist.

Artistic Achievement

Maddhouse Music 2008© Maddhouse Audio and Visuals and O.F.F. (Only For Family) CEO JOKER 2 COLD - NO HANDS Freestyle (2008) Recorded at MILTICKET Studio HWY 18 Jackson, Mississippi 39204 . Engineer Marty Mar “Da GodFather” for Maddhouse Music / Maddhouse Audio and Visuals L.L.C.

[Lil’ Mal @itsmeezynow , Diego of @foreignapparel] photo cred. SwahTUBE 

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Tha Joker2Cold TheJoler OnlyForFamily RobertFrost #wedoit4fun CoreyJ aka Lil C-Note #CrankiTuPkid

Tha Joker “2 Cold” / Corey J aka Lil C-Note

Artist collaboration sets a standard and is essential to longevity in respect to the career of the New Gerneration Artist.  Modernized relations in the performing arts sector, is on pace to revolutionize the entertainment industry  for every single person, who has a passion and the drive to pursue their dreams  and make connections in the Entertainment business. 

Bree Daniels @juztbreeze Entertainment Sis Briana  Bri Bri Briana Daniels b. Daniels

Maddhouse Exclusive collaborations

”A true  performer knows how to touch and captivate an audience. They lend their all to a performance from start to finish." 

Orion Cartie’r “REWIND” cover art #NewMUSIC MADDHOUSE MUSIC Performing Artist.

Creative Freedom

Recommendation of a performer is a powerful networking strategy in the performing arts community.  Affiliations with Artists who are professional in manner, leave an impression that is lasting. (you'll say to others ”I can’t wait to work with them again!")

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Start Your Career in MUSIC pt.3

Maddhouse Audio and Visuals along with MADDHOUSE MUSIC encourages Performing Artists to take advantage of the ever-growing independent Music Industry.  Offering the best services for indie Artists as we venture into a bright and promising future in Entertainment!  Let Maddhouse Audio and Visuals have the privilege of bringing Music Modernization full circle, so that YOU, the Artist, can better understand and take initiative in your Career in Music. 


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Paris Harley [CEO House Of Harley] : 

As Consultants, we seek to guide our clients in a path that best fits the outlines of their visions, while understanding today’s consumer needs and taking a diverse approach to connecting with you👉

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